Psychic Radio – Omenz: Witch Pop Which Combines Soul with Eccentricity

Indie Pop artist Psychic Radio dropped their latest single “Omenz” on December 26th, 2018. While there will never be a bigger shock to the system than hitting play on a track that kicks off with samples of screaming, it’s a pretty good job that the rest of the track was cathartic to listen to.

You may have your preconceptions of Electronica which dabbles in a little aural occultism, yet, no artist has quite pulled it off as well as Psychic Radio did with Omenz. The Synth Pop soundscape was constructed through layers of fluid rhythm, and it’s not all that often I can say that about a Pop track. However, Psychic Radio with her unapologetically eccentric lyrics combined with her hypnotic vocal talent, and it will be a while before I stumble across a track which leaves me quite this mesmerised again.

You can check out Psychic Radio’s latest single Omenz for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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