Promises Promises – Pull Me Under: Electro Pop Theatrics

‘Pull Me Under’ is a buffet of intimate and evocative musical magic that’s guaranteed to satisfy any audiophile.

The four piece Electro pop group that made up the band name,  ‘Promise Promises’ promised to always surprise their fans with nothing but the the best music, and so far they’ve not seem to compromised on their words.

Having no record label or management leaves them as a purely DIY band, and this did not deter them from producing an amazing song.

The bright and wavy grooves juxtaposed the band’s lead vocalist whose eclectic vocal stand to bridge the gap between electro rhythm and mash up pop vibe. It can be inferred from the song that ‘Pull Me Under’ is an electro funk on a lowkey which brings forth a good-vibes-only atmosphere that’s impossible to resist.

Artistically, Promises Promises sit in the vacant hole between Pendulum and Maroon 5, drawing influence from a range of pop and EDM artists such as Imagine Dragons, Chase & Status and Cheat Codes. Whilst developing their EDM sound, Jonny Glennon, their bass guitarist and synth bassist had the works of Avicii and Alesso as his inspiration when working on the production of the bass, especially when working on their latest track. However, it’s important for the band to hold onto their contemporary pop origins.

‘Pull Me Under’ is a track describing a woman from his holiday in Barcelona; “I felt lost in her trance, as if I was being ‘pulled under’ by not only her beauty, but the magic of the unknown.”

Promises Promises’ “Pull Me Under” is a track stuffed with well-timed crescendos, placid intervals, and hypnotic vocals.

There’s definitely a crystalline yet never flashy exploration of what just a few sonic sound from ‘Pull Me Back’ can do to the listeners’ perceptions.

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