Prada Rose – Cold Start: Pioneering Indie Pop Hip Hop

Prada Rose played a pretty genius game when he created his latest single Cold Start. He hyped up the Hip Hop beat with an electricity that can be found in sounds more reminiscent of the Indie Pop arena. His pioneering Trap beat isn’t the only thing that makes Prada Rose shine iridescently above the rest. His soulfully gruff vocal style rounds off the beat perfectly creating a high-vibe tempo that you just can’t help getting lost in. Every so often whilst listening to Cold Start Prada Rose verses lyrics that serve as a punch in the stomach. The passion and pure emotion he spits into every syllable is enough to make Prada Rose stand above the rest of the up and coming artists on the underground.

Cold Start was the first single release after Columbus, Us Rapper Prada Rose’s debut 2017 EP ‘Scriptures’ in which he created music as haunting as Marshall Mathers.

You can check out Cold Start which was released in March 2018 on Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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