Pop comes of age with Smooth Panda

If your view of pop music is as something which is part of youth culture, throw away tunes that serve their purpose and then move on, then you need Smooth Panda in your life. Addiction is the sound of pop music being made for a more mature audience, of the genre growing up…this is pop with a Phd! Yes, it will tick all the right boxes with the younger element but it is put together in such a slick and deft way that it will find a lot of favour with a more discerning audience, and that’s the trick isn’t it, mass appeal, a song that remembers that pop is short for popular.

Addiction is a dark, sassy and groove laden tune, from the lyrical content down it speaks to a more switched on audience, mixes R&B undercurrents, rock guitar muscle and pop beats. If most of the pop canon is designed for the dance floor and party vibe, this is a song that exists way out on the fringes, in the shadows of the genre, in a more charged and edgy place. Smooth Panda is what music fans will graduate to when the disposable, throw away, pop posing and chirpy tuneage just doesn’t cut it any more.

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