Pharaoh Lamar pays ode to the agony of the Netflix generation with latest single “Binge”

Previously, any Hip Hop track on the topic of binging would solely revolve around getting mashed, but in 2019, our minds are mashed in plenty of other ways – which is what Pharaoh Lamar perfectly alludes to with his latest single “Binge”. We should probably all follow Pharaoh Lamar’s lead and stop pretending those Netflix binge sessions are healthy and address the eagerness to find escapism.

Even though the sentiment is incredibly thought provoking, Pharaoh Lamar still found plenty of room to be playful with the lyricism in the short but sweet hit, accurately capturing the sinking feeling when Netflix reminds you that you’ve been watching for hours.

Each of Pharaoh Lamar’s tracks go beyond waxing lyrical on superficial topics, instead, the up and coming artist seems to be in the habit of creating hard-hitting tracks which will always make you question your own perspective.

You can check out Pharaoh Lamar’s latest single Binge for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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