Parisian Rap Artist Kouny Stamps Down His Signature Rhythmic Style with Latest Track “Elevation”

If you haven’t put up and coming Paris-based Hip Hop artist Kouny on your radar yet, their recent release “Elevation” will give you plenty of reasons to.

If every Hip Hop track was produced to the same exceptionally high standard and carried the same amount of synergy between the beats and the vocals SoundCloud would definitely be a much different place. There’s always a few tell tale signs when an artist produces their own beats, and when they do it well, you’re treated to a track such as Elevation where the beats serve to amplify the sentiment behind the lyrics. With Elevation you get a sensuously inviting soundscape which a pleasure to slip into and surrender to the vibrant rhythms which have been packaged in an East Coast Hip Hop style with irresistibly smooth layers of R&B.

You can check out Kouny’s latest single Elevation for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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