P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) know they gotta watch that back on ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

Taken off their well-received 6-track full feature film soundtrack and EP, P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) brings us an important new single that shows you that it’s vitally crucial to keep a close eye on those who you care about on ‘My Brother’s Keeper‘.

P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) is a dynamic four-piece hip-hop group that was formed by Zachary Paige-Westbrook aka Enter The Draco and features Dyshuan Don, Yung Elvo and Treble Clef Dreams.

After a rough start to his life where he tragically lost both of his parents and life seemed bleak for a while, Enter The Draco (DracoTM Productions LLC) turned his life around and is now a respected musician, champion martial artist, writer, director, and film producer, who is making waves across the USA and the world with his excellent work.

Through the Grace of God, Zachary was delivered from his distress and adopted by the best friend and student of Mary Jefferson, the renowned black Emmy-winning journalist, Ann Sawyer (aka Jolene Westbrook). From then on, Zachary was enrolled into theatre, film, and the world of martial arts.” ~ Zachary Paige-Westbrook aka Enter The Draco

My Brother’s Keeper‘ from P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) illuminates a vivid picture that shows you that we all need to keep a consolidated watch on those who we truly sense are our family. In a selfish world that can mistreat you or bring you down when you least deserve it, this is a heartfelt reminder of what is important in life. Rapped with enthusiastic vigour and filled expertly with an old school beat that has you recalling those classic 90s days, this is a track to play when you need a reminder about that close bond that should last forever.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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