P Δ R i D Ø X – IDK: A Debut of Delectably Dark Hip Hop

P Δ R i D Ø X has taken Hip Hop down a dark electronica rabbit hole to create their debut single “IDK”. The haunting atmospherics are set up straight from the prelude as the track seamlessly slips from a lucid melody into a soundscape which wouldn’t be out of place in a Trent Reznor production.

P Δ R i D Ø X’s levels of ingenuity created a track which keeps you hooked into the flow in eager anticipation for the next progression. As much as the instrumental arrangement gets switched up, that’s nothing in comparison to the vocals. For the most part you’re treated to P Δ R i D Ø X’s almost painfully smooth harmonics, but with a very arrestive move P Δ R i D Ø X slipped in some elements of screamo which took IDK to the next level. That’s all without mentioning the Rap verse which concludes with guttural screams. Given that the single doesn’t fit within any genres, it’s probably best if we just say that it’s a potent masterpiece which will stick with you for long after it has faded out.

While IDK may pull together elements from plenty of genres, I wouldn’t say that it’s all too likely that there are any artists sharing total reminiscence to this overwhelmingly powerful soundscape.

You can check out the latest single from P Δ R i D Ø X by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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