Owen Gallagher – Come out feat. Tom Crouch: Organically Sonorous Indie

Where has Owen Gallagher been hiding all this time? Why is he not already up there in the Indie hall of fame? With a voice like that, is he related to Liam & Noel? As I drank in the rhymical blissful new release ‘Come out’ featuring Tom Crouch, those were just a few of the questions bumbling around my head. The track had a slight reminiscence to acts such as Interpol and Editors, yet it was so much more than just an assimilation of sound which contemporary Indie acts can’t seem to help making in recent years. Gallagher has his own succinct edge which I have no doubt Radio 2 will quickly jump on. Every element to Come Out is flawless, the lyrics punch you in the stomach, the instrumentals have a hauntingly sonorous, yet anthemic vibe, and Gallagher’s organic vocals are bordering on perfection.

You can check out Owen’s latest track Come Out on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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