NYRE – Is Love A Thing: Romance is Dead, But Music is Still Alive

I’m struggling to see who couldn’t fall in love with NYRE’s sweet experimental Lo FI approach to their sound. The San Francisco 3-piece band have been on the scene since 2014 with their dynamic array of sounds bumbling from Garage to Psychedelia, every single track in their back catalogue is as astounding as the last. There’s a beautifully un-abrasive nativity to the sound, no grandiosity, just an imperially uplifting exploration of the human psyche. The fuzzy multi-layer synth Trap sound reverberated beneath the sonorous vocals that sung through brutal unashamed honesty with similarity to bands such as Fidlar, Wavves and Pavement.

Is Love A Thing is well and truly in the running for one of my favourite track titles of all time. Those who haven’t pondered it, probably should at some point in their lives. The anti-romance of the track held infinite appeal to me as an avid Oscar Wilde reading nihilist. So, if you’re not feeling the romance, feel NYRE’s pioneeringly poignant new track instead on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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