Novi Could Climb Up The Charts With “Space Cadet”

I love feel good music. Music that transcends labels and genres. Songs that introduce you to a different side of an artist; “Space Cadet,” by Novi is just that as it enters with a solid electric piano. This is feel good music. It’s a lascivious display of beautiful craftsmanship, it’s not exactly just pop music, its also an infused display of vocal prowess. Novi’s voice is not only light and refreshing it’s clean and concise with amazing tone and pitch.

Her ability to harmonize is both endearing and welcomed (no auto tune over here). I love the vocal range displayed throughout the musical score.  The lyrics are fun, the chorus catchy, and the beat is bouncy.  Generally speaking Novi is a pretty good vocalist with great musical styling and these days that’s incredibly appealing. Her melodies are soulful and the piece is one that I could definitely see rising to the pop charts!

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