NORDFLØW – Black Owl: A Seamless Progression of Melodically Gothic Metal

Black Owl is just one of the standout singles from Ukraine based 4-piece band NORDFLØW’s debut album Iced Fantasy. Their classical, faultless approach to their hard yet succinctly harmonious metal sound is something that fans of Nightwish, Evanessence and Within Temptation won’t want to miss out on as they bring the genre into modernity.

The ethereally charming female vocals, have a contemporary operatic pop feel over the heavy reverb of the instrumentally heavy track. Yet the keys dance above the dredge of the sound to create a cacophony of heavy yet empyreal sound for a thoroughly beguiling sound. However, I couldn’t help feel that the lyrics and even the concept of Black Owl stuck too close to the confines of the aesthetic of the genre. I’d like to hear what sets NORDFLØW apart from the rest of the acts on the metal scene today. If you’re a fan of female fronted symphonic Metal you can check out NORDFLØW’s debut single Black Owl on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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