Nathan Degner’s New Dream Of Blues

You have to be a bit wary of any song which opens with the line “woke up this morning…” isn’t it every bit as overdone as a pop song starting with “hey, come on” or a rap record telling you that the artist in question is indeed in the house. Well, in the case of Gavin’s Dreamland you have nothing to worry about as there is nothing cliched going on here.

Nathan Degner blends slick bluesy licks with a swaggering, funky groove to create a mid paced number that tips its hat to the heroes of the past whilst looking to move the genre onwards into a more modern age. Blues and blues rock has for far too long been the playground of indulgent axe heroes showboating their way through songs, what the genre needs is a more grounded sound, a more honest sound and more widely accessible sound and that is exactly what Degner delivers with Gavin’s Dream. Throw in its sonic accompaniment, a slinky little song called Willow Tree which mixes in some dark Doorsian vibes and you have the sound of electric blues being refreshed.

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