Mountains and Valleys: T. Gambine urges us to get excited about the possibilities on ‘New Thing’ (feat. Sean DeVair)

With inspiring piano pureness that opens us your ears to that peaceful sound, T. Gambine keeps on his knees and stays positive with his faith strong and ever-lasting with ‘New Thing(feat. Sean DeVair).

T. Gambine is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from College Station-Bryan, Texas who is also a Group Leader at Grind4God Ministries.

A tenacious industry professional, T. Gambine has released 9 albums and several mix tapes over the last 13 years.” ~ T. Gambine

You feel the love in the atmosphere here, with honest lyrics about how the shift in mindset has really enriched their lives. The tone is inspiring and full of a kind beat to help unwind – and close the tired eyes – to regain that much-needed focus, which has been lost recently with all the temptation and devastation around.

New Thing(feat. Sean DeVair) from the College Station-Bryan, Texas-based indie Gospel artist and Group Leader T. Gambine, is a faith-packed track about moving those mountains with God and never getting too down about anything. The road has been tough and you flipped over a few times, but came back stronger and with that faith even more enriched inside your heart. Made with a look up above and an excited tone, this is a song for anyone who is feeling down and needs a natural boost to believe again.

Hear this audio at YouTube and see more news on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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