Moke & Eed – Transmission Received: A Tsunami of Sound

If your electronica playlist is running a bit dry; Moke & Eed’s latest track is a blend of lucid euphoric beats that will go down a treat whether you’re on the daily commute or off your tree at 3am.

Through their bass heavy music, they promise to send you to another dimension. Now I know that’s as cliché as electronica act taglines go, but in this case, they’re bang on point. Transmission Received is one of their earlier tracks, there’s a whole playlist of euphoric wonder on their YouTube account but there’s really something quite special about this track. The progression doesn’t allow you to get bored, or wait the entire duration for that one all important build up.

It flows reverently, with rhythmic styling that makes it evident that this track was orchestrated by someone who has empyreal synthetic power. The implications of bass are prolific, yet sporadic, they appear to catch you off guard, never allowing you to become complacent with the sound. Moke & Eed have the ability to turn a track into a swirling, momentous tsunami of sound.

I can’t recommend Transmission Received highly enough, so check it out on YouTube!

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