Mister Conor Production – Work: EDM in It’s Purest Form

Through mixing salacious rhythms and slightly dirty EDM Pop Mister Conor Production’s standout single “Work” was born. The production may have been left a little raw, yet in many ways that just adds to the charisma of the single -and there’s no denying that Work comes with a bucketful. Mister Conor Production’s beats may not be radio-ready yet but the solidity of the structure of the track proves that the Netherlands-based artist has plenty of potential for the future.

Aside from the beats, work is also an undiluted celebration of the female form. While many artists fall foul to misogyny with such tracks, you get a real sense that the up and coming artist’s intention was incredibly pure. Afterall, no one makes EDM party hits if they have no intention to make women dance, right?

You can check out Mister Conor Production’s infectiously euphoric track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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