Mark Senger Releases ‘Believe’

Music production can be more of an undertaking than most people imagine. We’ve all seen the parodies of the magic of auto-tune and how simple adjustments can take you from a talentless, tone deaf joke to a clone of standard artists. It’s artists and producers who find a true respect for the true art of capturing and processing performances and the all-important adjustments made in post-production. Mark Senger’s artwork for his song Believe shows an acoustic guitar in a desk chair with an audio workstation in front of it. This setting is truly telling of what’s in store when a listener hits play.

Believe is a song that plays with pop structure expansion, ambient vocal textures and a wealth of standards. Mark Senger displays drums, guitar and bass supplemented by string patches and layered vocals that all show the type of hard work that goes into the creation of a song. Thematically, hearing something like this from a solo artist makes us root for them. This is a song about hoping for others against all negativities. It’s a song that would make any producer proud of their own performance and it will make you Believe in Mark Senger.


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