Mark Senger – Me: Post-Punk Perfection

Right from the first chord of ‘Me’ Mark Senger’s track I knew I was going to develop a deep-seated affinity. When the lyrics kicked in, it seemed my intuition was spot on. The anthemically heavy, yet ethereally light melodic track unfolds like a pure Post-Punk dream. Me gives you a taste of what it was like to truly be alive in the 80’s, when there was such a focus on Guitar Hero’s such as Bruce Springsteen and Brian Setzer. But this contemporary nod to nostalgia contains something infinitely more special than any Springsteen riff. The jangling hype of the track has reminiscence to the hooks that Johnny Marr treated us to at the start of his career with the Smiths. The overall production quality may be slightly more Lo Fi than most of the other riff heavy 80’s anthems out there, yet this only adds to the raw taste of the passion behind Mark Sengers latest track Me. The track was written to provide fans with an upbeat alternative to songs about heartbreak.

You can check out singer songwriter & guitarist Mark Senger’s debut track on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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