Major Moment – Before It’s Too Late: Cinematically Visceral Alt Rock

Major Moment is one of those impossible to define bands, with little reminiscence to other acts and an audible defiance to genre boundaries there is little else to describe other than the viscerally resounding emotion their latest single hits you with.

Before It’s Too Late was released on June 29th, the release is pretty much every audiophiles delight, with guitar riffs intricate enough to leave your stomach in knots the Alt Rock outfit have certainly given the genre a brand-new reinvention. The vocalist’s cathartically unique vocal style sat in perfect harmony to the hammering of the instrumentals which soared throughout the progression, resulting in a sensation of pure, ethereal resonance. The hooks will haunt you, and that’s not a sentence I will use again any time soon.

You can check out the lyric video to Before It’s Too Late by heading over to YouTube now, or head on over to Major Moment’s website to grab a deluxe edition copy of their EP ‘One Small StEP’. The guitar solo’s in Before It’s Too Late alone are worth parting with your money for.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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