Machine Music the V5 Way

If Science Fiction in print and on the screen has been the perfect vehicle for discussing and exploring ideas of where society is headed and what the future might look like, it was the Blitz Kids and the New Romantics who best provided the soundtrack to that conversation. As the future, by it’s very definition, is always tantalisingly just out of reach, it is a conversation which we will continue to have and hence it requires a perpetual soundtrack. Version 5 is the perfect band to provide the music to help further that quest.

Building on the futuristic sounds of those 80’s synth pioneers, 90’s Industrial noise merchants and and contemporary electro-explorers, Version 5 is a slick blend of the cold, clinical, noir-ish musical drama of those originators and a modern dark dance vibe. It grafts an electro-gothic undercurrent on to an almost industrial pop sensibility (is that even a thing? I guess it is now!) and the result is the perfect soundtrack to be emanating from our car stereo as we drive into that final sunrise of the dystopian future. The future has never sounded so wonderfully bleak or so horrifically beautiful.

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