LTTLE KNG’s Electro-Pop-Soul Mash-Up Single “What It Is”

There aren’t many artists who can unite fans of Electro Pop, Soul and Hip Hop, yet LTTLE KNG certainly isn’t your average artist. His instantly accessible latest single “What It Is” combines elements from a smorgasbord of genres to create a downtempo romantically tinged soundscape which is all too easy to slip into. Whilst the production is smooth, the melody was clear cut, and the vocal dynamics got enough space to breathe and add layers of harmony to the single What It Is still seemed to be lacking in passion. There was no sense of clear artistic expression within the single even with the fusion of the different genres within the track it still felt quite archetypal. There’s no disputing that LTTLE KNG has talent and artistic vision, yet, I’d really love to hear him stamp down his own individualistic style instead of borrowing from a melting pot of genres.

You can check out LTTLE KNG’s latest single What It is by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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