Logan Speckhard – Gravity: Consider us Grounded

Is it ironic to call a track called gravity grounding? Probably.

I’ll stick with it anyway, because that’s exactly what Logan Speckhard’s iconic track Gravity is. The emerging Pop artist released Gravity over a year ago through HalfKing Music treating Pop fans to a blissfully harmonious contemporary hit. Considering Gravity is a track that falls into the Pop arena, I was bowled over in the complexity of the lyricism, the wordplay, the intricacy in the rhythmic patterns which were vocalised by a distinctly enigmatic voice.

Whilst the twee almost nasal vocal style could have been regarded as uniquely pioneering just a few years ago there has been swathes of artists all trying their hand at the style and never quite getting it right. Thankfully Logan Speckhard isn’t your average premature Pop artist dipping her toe into the water. The aural alchemy which she creates is as uplifting as contemporary Pop comes as you get lost in the synth riddled soundscapes which is tinged with elements from the Rock, Folk, and Synth Pop arena.

If you’re searching for a Pop artist with a bit of soul, you can check out Logan Speckhard’s single Gravity on SoundCloud, you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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