Logan Noah Brookes – My Room: Burningly Resonant Lo Fi Art Rock

With his latest single ‘My Room’ Logan Noah Brookes shows us the true meaning of what it is to be a bedroom musician. As creative expression goes, there is no need for a self-aggrandized persona or demand to occupy a stage. The Alt Rock Singer Songwriter created a poignant piece which once it kicks into the chorus you really start to feel the burning resonance behind the track. The ingenious lyricism starts to become evident, as My Room unravels to be as melancholic as any track put out by the Verve or Radiohead. Jammed into the 2:36 minute long track Logan squeezes in a tidy yet discordantly instrumental section in which you are treated to the full strength of his rhythmic acoustic talents. Whilst I normally have no complaints when it comes to the Lo Fi Art Rock sound, I found it quite hard to see the concept behind the composition despite the piercing lyricism and perceptibly pained delivery.

You can check out Logan Noah Brookes’ latest single My Room for yourselves on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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