LOELASH – Space Samba: Sonically Mesmeric Intergalactic Ambience

“Space Samba” is the incredibly endearing latest instrumental single from up and coming London-based experimental Electronica producer LOELASH who infused plenty of cathartically jazz-inspired ambience into the contemporary mix.

The title gives you an idea of what you’ll be in store for when you hit play, yet, there’s not a lot that could prepare you for the eccentric mix which plays with a myriad of different textures leaving every progression as unpredictable as the last.

Describing Space Samba as mesmerising almost seems like an understatement, given the transiently hypnotic nature of this single, it’s probably safer not to have on your driving playlists. But if you’re looking for soulfully restorative vibe-out electronica to slip into, Space Samba comes highly recommended.

You can check out LOELASH’ track Space Samba for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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