Let it All Go with SeanGon’s Latest Reggae R&B Reinvention

Good Vibes have always found a home in urban music. Whether it be in R&B or Reggae, we can’t get enough of the upbeat playful sounds to accompany our less than mellow lifestyles.

US Rapper & R&B SeanGon has created the ultimate sound to unwind to. His sweet and sonorous take on R&B is enough to make it all slip away in a lucid state of awe as you unwind to his playful Reggae style in his latest track Let It All Go.

After exploring the rest of his 420 friendly tracks, it’s clear that SeanGon has developed a stand out style through tackling less than happy subjects such as death and still manage to remain so upbeat, usually when lyrics include “I think I could die”, it’s more than a little depressing. Yet SeanGon has the gift of being able to shed light on the darkest of contemplations.

The transgression in the track is a seamless mix of harmony tinted with euphoric reverberation, immersive acoustic instrumentals and of course the smooth vocals of SeanGon.

It’s all to easy to fall in love with SeanGon’s inventive Reggae sound, check out SeanGon’s latest track on SoundCloud via the link below:


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