Leah Capelle – “Giants” EP: A Raucously Concordant Blend of Alt Pop and Rock

There are things you come to expect from singer-songwriters yet, the soundscapes contained within Leah Capelle’s 2018 EP certainly aren’t amongst them. Each of the five tracks received a perfect polish until they resounded with a sublimely raucous concordant kick.

Under the stylishly slick production lays Leah Capelle’s unflinchingly empowered soaring vocals, sludgy yet light instrumental progressions and some of the rawest lyrics you could ever care to hear. The LA-based artist’s unique style blends Alt Pop, with elements of Folk and Rock to compose a sound which bridges the gap between your contemporary Pop icons and Rock deities such as Hayley Williams with the first three tracks. Track four takes a slightly more archetypal tone as Leah uses an acoustic guitar as a platform for her resoundingly strong vocals. Track five, will crucify you with the power of Leah’s vocals against the wailing guitar riffs.

You can check out Giants for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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