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Lauta, an up and coming electro-pop singer from Ukraine releases her first solo single ‘Freefalling’, introducing a combination of EDM and drum and bass as a free spirited creation. Parting from popular girl group ‘Hollywood FM’, Lauta dives straight into the deep end with an energetic and liberating style of pop. Lauta tests the waters by bringing together her own heritage into dance culture, and pivots into a revival of life, a personal resurgence on Lauta’s part.

“My latest tracks are about rebirth – an exciting phase which gives the feeling of being in free fall! Sometimes it’s actually a crisis that makes you who you are. I learned to create everything from scratch, and I feel like I’m living in a flight. It’s a story, building, building, building… and I know there are no boundaries.”

‘Freefalling’ proves how experimental electro-pop can progress above and beyond the likes of Cascada. Lauta’s compilation of ambient high flying production almost sends us into a throw back in the 00’s, but what is so enthralling is how this type of collaboration of dance music has evolved. The fast paced tempo trips across the spiralling highs and lows in the bass line. What permits the track a stamp of approval in the electronic scene is the cathartic confidence of Lauta’s lyrics, making this the prime focal point of the track.

‘Freefalling’ will be available via all major media providers from 5th May 2017 and is the first release from forthcoming debut EP of the same name, due for release later this year. More information about Lauta and her release can be found on her social pages or official website.

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