Latino artist Hayz drops their latest track “Duro” ft Balam Kiel  

Up and coming Latino Hip Hop artist Hayz has recently dropped their latest track “Duro” in collaboration with the deftly talented Balam Kiel. Together they cooked up a fresh Summer hit which wasn’t afraid to play with traditional rhythms which spill plenty of rich, vibrant textures into the mix.

With Duro, you get everything which monocultural music can’t offer, the exoticism reverberates around the intricate instrumentals as the track ebbs and flows in momentum while the bilingual vocals amp up the energy of the infectious hit.

With slow and sultry progressions in the verse which seamlessly evolve into sun-soaked euphoria in the choruses, it’s hard to let this track fade out without being enveloped in the flow of this melodious hit.

You can check out Hayz’ latest track Duro for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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