LA Electronica Artist PHVNTVCY Drops his Debut Single “There for You”

“There for You” is the debut drop from up and coming electronica artist PHVNTVCY (that’s pronounced Fantasy). Since the release of There for You the artist has had a string of successful singles, yet, their debut still serves as the perfect introduction to their unique brand of electro R&B Pop.

With There for you, you get the smooth and harmonious elements of R&B, the polished production which gives the Pop aspect along with plenty of pioneering digital effects making up the beat and serving up plenty of Electronica euphoria. While There for You served as the perfect testament to the fact that PHVNTVCY clearly doesn’t have trouble cooking up a solidly constructed track which carries emotivity, melody and rhythm, the amount of repetition within the lyrics slightly detracted away from the resonance of the single. I’d love to hear some more lyrical depth which doesn’t depend on so heavily on repetition.

You can check out PHVNTVCY’s debut single There for You for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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