L-Shabang ft. Fantasma & Colin Sbeezy – Wave: Game Changing Grime Hip Hop

The intro to L-Shabang’s latest track Wave featuring Fantasma and Colin Sbeezy could only be described as hauntingly complex. The aura that lingers behind the beat creates a true substance in style that could have only been created by someone as deftly talented with production as Preface who gave the track the perfect polished finish. The Hip Hop Rap track represents L-Shabang’s fresh new sound that he’s pioneered and dubbed as Street rap. Fantasma was the perfect choice to bring the lyrics to life and represent through his relentless Portuguese rap renditions. The International feature adds a whole new dynamic to the track, and stands as testament that L-Shabang, true to his word really is a game changer.

Wave was first released on 19h December 2017 by Paypabag Multimedia Pty Ltd, you can now check out L-Shabang’s brand new sound on SoundCloud using the link below:


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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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