Komraus Release Trip-Hop Cinematic Video For “If I Am Dreaming”

Komraus is a live cinematic music trio group band that’s based in London. This music group has long been shunning out mind thrilling songs that capture the interest of their listening audience in most of their live shows and music exhibition. Clearly, you shouldn’t expect anything less than quality from this song.

Sara has an amazing vocal power that can easily make you remember the last time you felt so emotional. The mastered sound of the instruments in the music is quite soothing and well placed to create a distinct balance that shields the usual side sound reverberation that comes with this kind of music performance.

This song can subtly be described as those musical theme songs in a movie that can transfix you to a whole new level of the picturesque sound landscape.

How Giuseppe handled those acoustic and electronic drums in the beginning of the song is so intriguing and captivating. Miguel didn’t disappoint on his path as well, the impact of his synth and his piano magic was fully experienced once again in this song.

This is a powerful song with nice lyrics that speaks more on human feelings and desire for love.


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