Klara Zangerl – Yes: Pensive Soul Pop

Emerging Soul Pop & R&B singer Klara Zangerl has just released her first ever EP ‘Yes’; the title track from the EP is enough to pretty much redefine the whole genre. The Chill Hop, Trap beat sets the perfect pitch with the rattle and trickle of the 808’s, setting the perfect platform for Klara to lay down her ethereal vocal style which she uses to project her pensively penned lyrics into the mic.
If you thought Beyoncé’s lyrics are empowering you’re in for a treat with Yes.

With a distinctly prodigal approach to R&B Soul Pop Klara Zangerl has stamped down her resounding radio ready style with her debut.  Whilst most artists in the music industry are selling their souls for record deals, Klara has put hers to good use by orchestrating a hit that despite your genre preferences, you can’t deny is bewitching.

You can check out Klara Zangerl’s sensual new single Yes from her 3-track 2018 EP on Spotify now, I’m sure you’ll agree that as debut Pop EP’s go, it doesn’t get much better.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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