Kid, You’re No Fighter – To the Saints: Sonically Charged Indie Rock

There’s little to prepare you for the tentatively sweet, stylised track ‘To the Saints’ which was one of the standout singles from Kid, You’re No Fighter’s latest EP ‘Bullfight’. With such an epic break in releasing new material I can only live in hope that something just as rapturously intoxicating is currently in the pipeline.

To the Saints is a sonically charged orchestration of ambient Indie which packs in plenty of progression into the 5 minute track. Any fans of the Verve are sure to be in heaven of the dulcet Indie tonality to the track that I can scarcely believe came from outside the UK, yet it was the Vegas band Kid, You’re No Fighter who produced the spectacular single.

The track starts off by teasing you into the belief that you’re in for a folk acoustic track, yet as you reach the midway point the reverb picks up and To the Saints almost veers into a Post-Grunge arena. Yet the sweet Jangle Pop sensibility around the traditionally soft Indie vocals still keep the mix viscerally clean.

You can check out To the Saints for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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