Kathleen Robertson – Merchant Stone: Ominously Soulful Electro Pop

Ominous and Soulful aren’t two adjectives that you’d usually see put together to describe an artist. Yet, there aren’t too many artists with the arresting sensibility and experimental allure of up and coming singer-songwriter Kathleen Robertson.

“Merchant Stone” is just one of the stunningly snaring singles from Kathleen Robertson’s latest album “Parliament of Fools”. Whilst every single is as authentically sweet as the last, Merchant Stone is as arresting as music comes. With the fuzzy reverb from the synth sitting against the rattling Trap-style beat, Kathleen Robertson lays down her conversationally resounding vocals. The further you get into the track, the deeper you are into one of the most poignant introspections I’ve ever heard lyrically.

You can check out Merchant Stone along with the other singles from Kathleen Robertson’s latest album by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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