KaraKaff – Feel the Freedom: Y’all Ready For Summer Beats?

Even though we’re still in the grips of winter, Karakaff & Lizzie Haynes have linked up to treat EDM fans to some sweet summer mixes that will make the nights a little warmer.

Their debut track Feel the Freedom is an EDM Dance smash hit, full of euphoric wonder and pounding basslines that make for a pretty dirty drop. The London based duo are pretty new to the scene, but with tracks such as this, they sure as hell aren’t underdogs in the Electro House arena with their original futuristic sounds. Not one moment in the track is void of stylish, well rounded synth pitches that make for the perfect melody.

Head on over to Soundcloud where you can check out the debut track from one of the best collaborations the underground EDM scene has seen in years:


Head on over to Facebook & follow Karakaff & Lizzie Haynes latest music endeavours.


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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