Justin Warnick – Should I Go: A Nostalgic Punch of Pop Rock

Should I Go is the latest track by up and coming Indie Pop Punk artist Justin Warnick. The single which was released on July 25th stands as testament to his pioneeringly innocent yet punchy style. Any fans of the Strokes, the Kooks and the Libertines will absolutely adore the nostalgically chilled approach to Should I Go just as I did.

As I listened to Justin Warnick’s rhythmic prowess progressing through the track to create palpably sweet melodies and infectiously hookish choruses it became clear that Justin is an artist who doesn’t need any aggrandized effects to create an anthemic Indie hit. Maybe the Arctic Monkeys should take a few hints.

The 18 year old recording artist may not have maturity on his side, but you’d never be able to guess from the depths of his lyricism or his vocal style, which was kept understated, yet, that just drew you into the emotive narrative of Should I Go.

You can check out Justin Warnick’s latest single Should I Go from his 2018 album ‘Moving On’ on SoundCloud now. As debut albums go, you really couldn’t ask for more.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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