A&R Factory Present: Justefan

Justefan is an American vibraphonist, composer, producer, and singer from Baltimore, Maryland. As quoted from the New York Times, Justefan “…is a mallet virtuoso with a spillover of ideas and an appealingly liquid phraseology.”

Justefan tours internationally with many jazz groups but branches out in many different genres behind the scenes and a session musician, composer, and producer. He recently has made an appearance in Spike Lee’s “Chiraq”, playing the vibraphone and has played piano in seasons 1 and 2 of FOX TV’s “Empire.”  He has been featured on a myriad of albums, most recently on Ludracris’ “Ludaversal.”

Now, Justefan is entering the artist realm writing, singing, performing, and producing his own project starting with the lead single, “Let Me Get My Soul Right” which was released May 4th, 2016. This song captures the journey of a man who is soul searching before falling in love. He recognizes that being true to himself is the only way that true love can come his way. The thoughtful journey is one to enjoy considering that the truth can set you free.

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