John J – Sleepless Nights: A Sensually Urban Introspective of Insomnia

Sleepless Nights, we all have them, but John J also makes resounding Hip Hop Rap tracks about them. His latest single is a high-vibe, thrashing, rattling progressive mix that allows the momentum to spill out through the build ups and intricate breakdowns in the track.

Whilst I will probably never condone an artist starting a track by calling out to ‘all the sexy ladies’, it was all too easy to get caught up with the evocatively sultry track which was released in April 2018. Once the beat really kicks in to full flow, it’s hard not to get swept up in the Trap beats which harness infinite diversity. Once Sleepless Nights kicked into verse John J’s introspective approach to lyricism became apparent, he’s not your average Rap artist, spitting weak, self-aggrandized bars, it’s highly perceptible that John J channels his passion for creating music from all the right places.

You can check out John J’s latest single on SoundCloud now, if you’re a fan of J. Cole, Drake, & Lil Wayne, you’ll adore Sleepless Nights. His unique persona allows him to become just another Rap artist, he stands in an element of his own, it’s highly unlikely that with tracks such as Sleepless Nights John J will stay on the underground for long.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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