Johanna Phraze and ButterRush – Everybody’s Got A Dream: Electro Pop Rap Royalty

If Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s latest track Everybody’s Got A Dream dropped in club I can guarantee that the dancefloor would be flooded within seconds. The dirty hooks in this Electro Pop beat is pretty much as fresh as it gets. Johanna Phraze’s earlier drops such as Blood give me total Peaches vibes, her infectious attitude which she effortlessly exudes mixes with the harsh drops of the beat creating an anthemic tsunami of euphoric sound that you can’t help but get behind. Yet the mic really drops when the Rap rendition kicks into full flow, I would straight up bow down to Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s psyched sound and slick lyrics.

Everybody’s Got A Dream is the standout single from Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s debut collaboration album ‘Solid Gold World’ which will drop in May 2018. Until then you can check out Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s sound on SoundCloud you can also stay up to day with Hollywood based songwriter, rapper, dancer, painter and all round queen Johanna Phraze on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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