JoeDix – 4u: Soulfully Composed R&B Afro Trap

If you’re looking for summer in a soundscape, look no further than JoeDix’s latest single 4u, the R&B, Afro vibe hit contains the perfect amount of euphoria to kick start your summer playlists.

As the track progresses you’re treated to waves of contrasting yet synergetic, complimentary sounds, whilst you think you’re listening to ‘just another R&B Soul track’ before the first chorus, it is almost inspiring to see just how many sounds are fused together. His charismatic approach to his vocals won me over from the first instance, however I can’t help but feel that they’d be infinitely more evocative if they were left a little more raw, as I’m sure organically, his vocals are as stunning as his flow. Yet, there’s no faulting the Afro inspired trap beat which is born through the traditional trickle and snare of the Trap beat with an up-funk vibe added to put the perfect amount of momentum behind his latest track 4u.

If you like your R&B Hip Hop Soulful and sweet, you can check out JoeDix’s latest track on Spotify now along with JoeDix’s earlier singles.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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