Jo-Ash – Humble Heart of Mine: Soul-Driven Rock

You’d be forgiven for believing that artists have lost the ability to pour Soul into the Rock genre. Thankfully, up and coming South London-based singer songwriter Jo-Ash has laced his indulgently high-octane upcoming single “Humble Heart of Mine” with plenty of unadulterated emotion. Right from the first verse, the accessibility which is brought through his harmonic vocals hits you, pulling you further into the guitar-led track incorporates plenty of intricate progressions. Switching from soaring Blues riffs to Funk-driven chords, Jo-Ash’s single serves it all up on a plate of anthemic alchemy. Just as the soundscape constantly and seamlessly changes, as do the striking vocals from Jo-Ash whose vocal strength, range and vitality is beyond compelling.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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