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Takeaway Sessions – Funky Lemon: Funk-Driven Alt Rock

Mr Bungle fans will definitely want to turn their attention to the eccentrically Funk-driven feat of Alt Rock which is the latest release from up and coming artist Takeaway Sessions.

With “Funky Lemon” also carrying reminiscences to artists such as Frank Zappa, it’s an aural treat for anyone who appreciates nuanced music which doesn’t take itself all too seriously. With layers of upbeat Psych infused into the guitar-led groove-deep euphoric mix, Funky Lemon is an instantly uplifting hit. And Takeaway Sessions perceptibly didn’t hold back with how much soul they injected into the highly polished mix.

Funky Lemon may offer an array of aural nostalgias, but you’ve never quite heard a Funk revival like this one before.

You can check out the latest release from Takeaway Sessions by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jo-Ash – Humble Heart of Mine: Soul-Driven Rock

You’d be forgiven for believing that artists have lost the ability to pour Soul into the Rock genre. Thankfully, up and coming South London-based singer songwriter Jo-Ash has laced his indulgently high-octane upcoming single “Humble Heart of Mine” with plenty of unadulterated emotion. Right from the first verse, the accessibility which is brought through his harmonic vocals hits you, pulling you further into the guitar-led track incorporates plenty of intricate progressions. Switching from soaring Blues riffs to Funk-driven chords, Jo-Ash’s single serves it all up on a plate of anthemic alchemy. Just as the soundscape constantly and seamlessly changes, as do the striking vocals from Jo-Ash whose vocal strength, range and vitality is beyond compelling.

You’ll can check out Jo-Ash’s latest single Humble Heart of Mine for yourselves on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Indiana Heights Hit us With Their Soulfully Experimental Debut

While many artists like to limit the amount of soul which they pour into Rock soundscapes Indiana Heights is a refreshing exception. I mean, imagine how infectiously upbeat the Arctic Monkeys would be if they threw away their ‘cool’ pretence and hit you with nothing but anthemic soul? That’s exactly what you can expect from the debut single “Smooth Operator” from Indiana Heights. You only have to hit play to share in the same hype which the track was created with.

The single incorporates plenty of Jazz rhythm in the magnetically uplifting single; even though Jazz may not be the most accessible genre to most, Indiana Heights is the perfect introduction. You’ll hear the intricately immersive blues rhythms blend with the classically euphoric style of the Jazz instrumentals.

If your playlists are short of a feel-good hit you can check out Indiana Height’s latest single Smooth Operator for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bentley Caldwell – A soulful and sassy, roots rock celebration

If blues, soul and rock music are cousins sharing grand-parentage and similar DNA, then Bentley Caldwell is the equivalent  of a family gathering, a joyous reunion and a celebration all rolled into one. It’s also a party where the hired band features Van Morrison, Otis Redding and Ray Charles leading The Asbury Dukes through some of the coolest music of the last 60 years. It is that timeless spirit that Bentley Caldwell manages to infuse his music with, and Mr Almost is a blend of soul dripping saxophones, funky grooves, bluesy riffs, cool Hammonds and Stax attacks, all threaded together so brilliantly that you can’t see the join.

It is the sound of trucker music bars blending into back street Chicago blues clubs which in turn become the sound of a rocking chair creaking on a back porch as the screen door slams, Mary’s dress sways and there is a distinct possibility that Roy Orbison is playing on the radio. It is the sound of an alternative, or at least fairly forgotten path that music took when it should have become the mainstream sound. It is the sound of a midnight ritual designed to re-animate the zombie corpse of the muse of music that mattered, still matters and will continue to matter, long after the current boy band fad has returned to a day job where the main concern is asking the customer if they want fries with that!