Jimi and The Strangers – You Ain’t Right: Playfully Poetic Alt Rock

You Ain't Right by Jimi and The Strangers

The resonance of Jimi and The Strangers new track You Ain’t right hits you from the first verse, the sweet yet soaring melodies that have been soulfully composed to create such an authentically alternative soul hit create a cacophony of euphoria. This track rings with the nostalgia of the 1996 hit by Beautiful South – Don’t Marry Her. Recreating that sound is no easy task, but with their infinite amount of command over their instrumentals this Nottingham, UK based collective of musicians harness their talents to create an ethereal track which is impossible to listen to just the once!
Their playful lyrics are cut with a vibrant poetic flow, which really brings You Ain’t Right into an element of its own with its genre hopping sensibilities in which you can taste a variety of sounds from Country, Rock, Acoustic, Ballads and a bitter sweet touch of Rhythm and Blues.

If you feel like ingesting some positive vibes you can check out You Ain’t Right via the BandCamp link below:


For more music and to stay up to date on Jimi and The Strangers latest releases head on over to their official website:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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