Jack & Rai – Hero

You don’t hear too many genuine anthems in pop music these days, not really good, fist in the air, crowd carrying anthems, not really. Hero, though, is exactly that. It’s the song that gets everyone singing at the end of the festival as the sun goes down behind the stage, it is the one that everyone remembers the words too even if having heard it only once, it is the sound track to a summer. It’s the song Gary Barlow would sell Mark Owen for to have in the Take That repertoire!

 Hero is everything a good pop song should be about, dynamic breaks, singalong choruses, life-affirming lyrical content, rousing vocals and more importantly for the modern epic pop song, the pause and key change. I can’t think of anything that they have missed out and whilst, yes, there is nothing drastically new going on here, when it is done this well, who is going to care in the slightest.

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