Jack & Honey – Thrill: Sweet Psychedelic Indie Funk

Thrill is the latest track from Indie Acoustic artists Jack & Honey. Whilst they have a little bit of a laxer approach to bands such as Mumford & Suns and M83 the Indie Funk maestro’s have created a song that bleeds infinitely more resonance than either of those festival-headline-spot-stealing artists could ever hope to achieve. Yes, that sounds like ridiculously high praise but is it really that unrealistic that emerging artists are the ones orchestrating some of the freshest sounds in 2018?

If Frank Zappa was still alive, I have no doubt that he’d be in awe of Jack & Honey himself. The basslines in their track Thrill are as grindingly sensual as they get, then they go and throw in the sax to make it impossible not to adore the track, and then there’s the vocals. The sweet yet teasing vocals which are an absolute pleasure to drink in as they sit above the controlled psychedelic chaos which unfolds curtesy of the myriad of instrumentals which brought this track to life.

You can check out Thrill for yourselves over on SoundCloud now.  You’ll probably need a cold shower afterwards.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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