In Motion: Remarkable German electronic music producer GRAY shows us the way on her ‘Fractal’

With her highly-acclaimed skillset revealing to us a vividly cultivated track that is always in beautiful motion as she intended, GRAY sends us into a whole new world with the first single of her upcoming EP called ‘Dialogue Systems‘, with ‘Fractal‘.

GRAY is a well-conceptualized project by Cologne, Germany-based indie electronic music producer and well-established designer Stefanie Grawe, who blends in her love for design, music and technology, into an original work that is highly impressive to witness.

Swelling up our curious minds with something so appealing in a peculiar world that is frequently flashlight-free and full of dreaded darkness, GRAY sparks up our enchantment with a breathtaking presentation that has your spirit alive with plausibilities of what the future holds. There is a real class here that is embedded into the almost-crystalized creation here, that seems to bring a warm feeling of hope to your whole awareness.

Fractal‘ from the composed Cologne, Germany-based indie electronic music producer GRAY, is a breakbeat experience that will have you completely transfixed into this new planet that has been assembled by such an incredibly talented artist. Her visionary standard is for all to see here and this is something so unique, which in a world full of lazy copycats, is a real wonderous experience to absolutely be enamoured by.

Hear this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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