JACK DUNN – My Vibe: Anthemically High-Tempo Hip Hop

Pretty much every Hip Hop Rap artist on the planet is proud of their vibe, yet, only a select few should be. JACK DUNN should be proud to count himself alongside those artists with the alchemic ability to construct a euphoric vibe. Because God damn, it’s relentless, perfectly metered and has an almost dizzying amount of hype behind it. Usually, a rap artist will need to keep the beat, yet, with JACK DUNN’s latest mix ‘My Vibe’ the beat has to keep up with the constant rolling and grinding lyricism.

The Virginia-based Rap artist almost appears to have a superhuman ability to move through the flow of his solid bars, whilst they run with a fresh momentum, you’re still able to keep up with every mic drop line delivered by the up and coming artist. If he carries on producing stellar tracks such as My Vibe the Hip Hop scene will struggle to ignore him.

You can check out JACK DUNN’s latest drop My Vibe on SoundCloud for yourselves now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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