J Luchiano – Midas Touch: Entrancingly Prodigal Trap

Midas Touch is the third single from J Luchiano; an up and coming Hip Hop artist who has one of the freshest approaches to Trap I’ve heard in, well, I can’t quite remember. His unique blend of Trap and harmony takes away all of the harsh tonality from the kicks and snares of the 808’s by pouring a seamlessly entrancing amount of reverb over the multi-layer beat. Whilst the momentum and the hype behind the sound is palpable, you’re also treated to the fluidity of the rhythm which rests perfectly against J Luchiano’s lyrical style.

With no use for excessive vocal reverb the Atlanta-based artists authentically resounding vocal capacity blows 90% of other Trap artists out of the water. Combined with his experimentally pioneering approach to Hip Hop, it’s hard not to get excited by the potential of J Luchiano. If you were waiting for the prodigal son of Trap, he may very well have arrived.

You can check out Midas Touch for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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