J.Kelley Cooks Up Mesmerising Melodies with Latest Single “I Don’t Want To”

J.Kelley’s latest single “I Don’t Want You” certainly isn’t your average Rock track, yet, despite the amount of distinction in their sound, you’ll find that it’s all too easy to slip into.

While it may take a while before the momentum really picks up with the single – even for a progressive single, once you’re in the sticky sweet confines of the chorus it’s evident that it was well worth the wait.

J.Kelley has that unmistakable Classic Rock vocal edge which is well and truly implanted in the roots of the genre but it is within the instrumental arrangements I Don’t Want To gets a little experimental. The guitar effects leave the single with an almost Post Punk energy given the amount of alchemic atmosphere which was deftly conjured through the effects on the guitar-led instrumental arrangement.

You can check out J.Kelley’s single I Don’t Want To for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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