J.blu – Concrete Garden: An Eclectic Mix of Sobering Hip Hop Soul

J.Blu’s track The Country Still Dying is one of the most sobering tracks I’ve ever heard. J.blu has taken his platform and dominated it with his passion and furiously elemental rap delivery. The sentimentality of the track is something which all Rap artists should aspire to reach. And that’s just track one from J.blu’s 2017 Hip Hop Rap debut album Concrete Garden. It’s clear that J.blu is a Rap artist with a difference, his beautiful humility and power to grip you in the anxiety of contemporary disparity is bordering upon genius. The tattoo-worthy lyrics have a way of sticking with you after each track fades out. Yet, there’s a great diversity to J.Blu’s debut album Concrete Garden which translates to being taken on a rollercoaster of emotions that you can barely keep up with. To create a Hip-Hop album as immersive Hip Hop 14 track album as Concrete Garden is no common feat. The tracks switch from melodic to high-tempo keeping the staple Trap style entrenched in deep emotion.

You can check out the 14-track album yourself on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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